Do you ever dream? It seems like I dream all the time. I have dreams about being able to fly and dreams about family members that have passed away. I dream about extravagant stuff and crazy stuff and sometimes I dream about things that are just completely ridiculous.

But besides dreaming I have dreams, let me explain. I have dreams for each one of my kids to have a successful life, a life that honors God, a life that isn’t full of heartache and struggles. I used to have dreams that someday I could take Kim on the honeymoon that we never really had, unless you count spending a few days in a motel in Carbondale, Illinois so I could be there to DJ my friends wedding reception a honeymoon.  We did that last year with our whole family in Myrtle Beach. I dream of taking my family on an amazing vacation, one that for the rest of their lives they will remember and talk about, which also was covered in Myrtle Beach. I dream that someday Publishers Clearing House will knock on my door with one of those giant checks and say you don’t have to worry about money ever again here is enough for you and your kids and to help many other people.

I wonder what are our dreams as a church?  Do we dream of having the most amazing building in town or do we dream of having a building that we can do amazing ministry in? Do we dream about people talking about how awesome the United Methodist church is or do we dream of people talking about how awesome God is? Do we dream of having the largest attendance in town or do we dream of having the most spirit filled services? Do we dream about having all the upper crust citizens of our community as members or do we dream about reaching out to the least and the lost, knowing sometimes that means some undesirable people may come and sit with us and they just might find God here?

I know in my short time here I have heard of our dreams of an elevator for better access to our basement, but now we have a wonderful new chair lift. I have heard people talk about the dream of building a fellowship hall onto the west side of the church so that everything could be on one level.

I see dreams coming true here, I see new people coming to church, a completely handicap accessible concrete ramp being planned for the outside of the church. I see new ministries  as well as old ministries that are reaching out to people and making a difference in lives. I see many people being baptized. I always had a dream of being the pastor of a church where the people were willing to give and serve in whatever way was needed to see their church grow strong and see people touched with the love of Christ. That dream, my friends, has come true.

How can we continue to see our dreams come true? Well I think we have to trust in God, be willing to serve in whatever way He calls us, to give whatever He asks of us. When you think of the future of our ministry here take some time and ask yourself how you can help to insure God’s good works will go on at Colchester UMC.  Maybe it is through your service, your continued giving to the church, maybe you even think about the future of our ministries here when you are planning your estate. Whatever way God leads you just remember, we, as a part of the body of Christ, are doing amazing things here where God has planted us,  But there is still work to do. Will you help us to make dreams into realities? Will you trust that what God asks of you will change someone else’s life when you obey and just say yes?

Continue to dream because great things come out of our dreams. Remember I love you all.

Pastor Mark